It’s a boy!

We’re having a boy! A beautiful, wonderful baby boy. And his name is Arlo.

When the ultrasound tech told us that the baby was a boy, both Brad and I yelled out in excitement. I couldn’t believe it! I had thought from day one that the baby was a boy but I’m always wrong when it comes to predicting so I kept telling myself that we were having a girl. But lo’ and behold, we’re having a boy! And guess what? He’s already super tall. Ha! (Isn’t it super hilarious how they show you that the baby’s a boy? I’m totally saving that ultrasound picture to show his first girlfriend!)

When you get pregnant, you’re excited but you don’t really feel any different (unless you’re puking your guts out but you know what I mean). I don’t know about any other mamas but I also get extremely worried, probably because of social media and the news – you hear so many gosh darn sad things. The 19 weeks leading up to the ultrasound were rough. The beginning of the pregnancy was scary. I found out that I had a huge hemorrhage in my uterus (never Google what that could mean for a pregnancy) and I just didn’t feel well at all. The ultrasound tech said my hemorrhage was “bigger than they like to see.” That’s what you want to hear. My energy was completely and utterly zapped. I was extremely emotional and irritable.  I didn’t feel anywhere near as nauseous as I did with Eliana which was fantastic but the fatigue was extreme. It still is. I come home from work and just lay on the couch to try to lessen the ligament pain. My back hurts constantly and I’m not just pregnant in my belly this time. It’s spilling in to so many other areas (I’ll spare you the visual). Leading up to the ultrasound I was nervous. I wanted to know that my baby was okay. I needed to know. I even considered going to one of the elective ultrasound places in town to make sure he was okay. I needed to know that the hemorrhage was gone. I wasn’t feeling a ton of kicks. There were some but they were few and far between. But, I’m happy to say that the 19 week ultrasound went wonderfully! The hemorrhage is gone. I’m still not able to exercise like I want to but can take walks and do low-impact exercises. But man, seeing him made everything worth it and I hope that these last 20 weeks fly by. I can’t wait to meet him and I can’t wait to see Eliana as a big sister.

I’m not good at being pregnant. I worry. I can’t help it. I try not to but it just kind of happens. That’s just me – a worrier. I’m not even afraid of labor this time. When I go into labor I’m going to be the happiest person on the planet because I know it means that I’ll get to hold my son soon. I know that feeling now – the relief. Seeing them for the first time, counting all the fingers and toes (four times over if you’re me!) and finally getting to see what they look like. My goodness it’s the best feeling in the world. I remember right after I gave birth to Eliana, the colors in the room became brighter and more intense. I don’t overly stress which is good, but I do worry. That’s probably natural. I can’t see what’s going on. You just have to trust that everything’s okay.

The hunger this time around has been CRAZY. I definitely eat for two because I just am that hungry. I crave pizza like no other and also chocolate. Lots of chocolate. I’m a lot more health conscious this time around and have been limiting myself on the sweets but the craving is intense. And like last time, I fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Brad gets a bit irritated with me because we’ll be watching an episode of The Walking Dead and he’ll look over and I’m totally out. I honestly can’t help it though! I don’t even realize that I’m falling asleep. Just wait for the snoring, honey. It’s coming.

We asked Eliana to say Arlo. She says it perfectly and now I find her just saying his name while playing. Aaaaaal-roooo. Okay, so it’s not perfect but it’s still the sweetest thing ever. If you know Eliana then you know that she’s a total daddy’s girl. I mean compared to Brad, I’m chopped liver. But the past month or so, she’s definitely been wanting me more. She even said no to Brad taking her from me the other day. My mouth literally hung open in shock and I gloated for the rest of the day. Sorry, not sorry. She follows me around in mornings, asks me to read her books, loves when I rock her at night and she smiles so big whenever I come in to a room. Does she know that things are about to change? It makes me happy and then kind of sad at the same time. Will she handle everything okay? I think she will. She loves other kids. She’s so incredibly social and I think she’ll love helping out with the new baby. Only time will tell!

As far as how we came up with the name Arlo, I have no idea. I can’t, for the life of me, remember. I probably saw it on a baby name site and instantly fell in love. I do remember finding it before we even decided to start trying for number 2. And as soon as I heard the name, it just clicked and I knew if we had a boy that I’d name him Arlo. As soon as we conceived, I started (in my mind) calling the baby Arlo. Was it intuition? Not sure. But it’s the name of the dinosaur in The Good Dinosaur and as soon as I watched the movie and I heard the name spoken aloud by someone else, it was re-affirmed. That was it. Now I can call him Arlo out in the open. I talk to him all the time. That’s one amazing thing about pregnancy – you’re never alone.

No updates on the house. We’ll see where life takes us. Life is pretty good right now and we’re getting by just fine. God has a plan. Time to let go of the reins a little, Jessy.


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