The MUST-HAVES for the second time around

Happy Friday my friends!

We’ve made it! It’s Friday! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel! Friday at 5pm is my favorite time of the week. The hubby comes home and I know we have a couple of days of family time together (and maybe I’ll get to sleep in. WOO HOO!). We don’t have too busy of a weekend planned which is GREAT! We’re going to a car show tomorrow. I don’t know how well that’ll go because standing and walking right now is painful. I have varicose veins in my legs and with every step there’s a resounding pain that shoots up my legs. Sounds fun, ay?

In this blog post, I wanted to talk about what I feel are the must-haves for this second pregnancy. I feel a bit wiser this time around. I hope this can lend some insight to anyone who’s pregnant for the first time. I’m also going to touch on the things that it might seem like you need but turns out to be pretty useless. (Also, this is just my opinion. Others may completely disagree so please take this with a grain of salt!)

Okay, the first must-have: A swing. Whether it’s a super hip Mamaroo or a traditional Fischer-Price, a swing can be a lifesaver. Our first baby actually slept in her swing for the first four months. Please don’t throw tomatoes at me for admitting to that but it was the only way that any of us could get any sleep. Trust me, we tried everything. This time around we got the Graco DreamGlider swing. It can convert to a bassinet and I thought that would be the most useful. It had a ton of great reviews. I’ll give an update once we actually use it.

Second must-have: Good bottles. Whether you decide to breastfeed or formula feed, a good set of bottles is key. My first pregnancy, we bought the Dr. Brown’s bottles. The Dr. Brown’s bottles worked wonderfully but there were so many parts. I felt like I was putting together a puzzle after every wash. I didn’t want that this time around. Also, we bought a bunch of the 4 ounce ones not having any real idea as to how much babies end up eating. This pregnancy I knew I wanted glass bottles for a more eco-friendly, less plastic theme. I got the LifeFactory bottles in the 9 ounce size. He may only drink 3-4 ounces to start out with, but eventually the boy will get up to 8 or 9 ounces in a sitting. I don’t want to have to buy a whole new set of bottles when he’s drinking more.  I think it’s key to do your research to find what kind of bottles you want. But then again, sometimes a baby will have reflux or something and that can dictate what kind of bottle works best!

Another must-have: A fantastic diaper bag. I’m all about splurging on a diaper bag that has a ton of practicality and a ton of style. I mean, you’re going to be using that thing all the time. You’ve got to love it. I found a Skip Hop diaper bag at a second hand store for $7 that was in like-new condition (steal!). It’s a shoulder/messenger-bag style bag and while I like it and used it up until now, I’m springing for a backpack style diaper bag. Now that I’ll have two kids, I’m going to need more room and I’m going to need to distribute the weight on both shoulders. Ha! I got the Skip Hop diaper backpack in the style “Forma” in this great indigo color. I absolutely LOVE it. It’s so much more comfortable!


One last must-have: A white noise machine & something that plays music for about an hour. I don’t know about you but I can’t sleep in complete silence. Turns out, babies don’t love it either. A white noise machine is a God-send. Also, something that plays a lovely lullaby for 45 minutes to an hour will also help. I found it helped our first baby wind down. Every night she’d hear the same tune and it would signal to her that it’s time for “night night”.

Now, the things that we had for our first pregnancy that were total duds (for us).

  1. Crib bedding. My mom bought gave us some wonderful (and expensive) crib bedding for our daughter. I had registered for it, thinking we’d end up using it someday. Guess what? She’s a toddler now and we’ve never used it. We had the quilt and matching crib sheets. Crib sheets are useful. But what the heck are you supposed to do with the quilt? They’re not supposed to have anything else in the crib so it’s not like you can cover them with it. It just kind of sits on the side. If it were me, I’d rather register for some really excellent crib sheets.
  2. Wipe warmer. Excellent in theory, a total fail in real life. The notion that you could wipe your baby’s bum with a nice, warm baby wipe is fantastic! However, our wipe warmer would dry out the first 15 or so wipes at the top and by the time you finally got to a moist wipe, it was cold. Lame!
  3. Bottle warmer. I researched and researched bottle warmers when we started using bottles on a regular basis. We finally got one that ended up rusting about a month in. You know what works equally as well and doesn’t rust? A big pan of hot water. Just plop the bottle in that and blam! you’ve got a warm bottle 5-10 minutes later. We also used coffee mugs, bowls and whatever else we could find. As long as the water was really hot, it didn’t take long to warm up the bottle.

Once again, this is just what we found to be insanely useful and insanely not useful. I’d love to hear what worked for you and what didn’t work for you! Let me know if I’m missing anything.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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