Arlo’s birth – Welcome to the world little man (4 months ago… ) !

I really want to share Arlo’s birth story because it’s pretty gosh darn entertaining and because I never want to forget it. This is the perfect outlet! As the days go on, it becomes a bit more foggy each day. I love reading other women’s birth stories because it’s so interesting how each baby comes into the world. Some birth experiences are more on the tame side (Eliana’s) and some are more on the “holy crap” side (Arlo’s). Here goes…

So I was 39 weeks pregnant and it was a Sunday. I went to bed the night before without anything being any different than any day prior. (That was a lot of “any”s.) I woke up at about 5 in the morning with my water breaking. It just happened and I was shocked. My first thought was “It’s like I’m in a movie!”. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom and then proceeded to yell at Brad that my water had broke. I was so excited and semi-terrified! I was more than ready to no longer be pregnant and to meet my boy. From that point, I kind of went in to a trance. I just wanted to get everything ready to go and get Eliana over to my parents’ house as soon as possible. Given how fast everything went with Eliana after my water was broken, the on-call nurse told me I needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible. So I got dressed, we finished packing our bags, got Eliana up and ready to go and headed to my parents’ house to drop her off. Leaving her was hard but I knew she’d have a blast at my parents’ (which she did). Off we went to the hospital!

I expected contractions to start but they never came. When I got all hooked up to the monitors at the hospital the nurse said I was having some contractions but I couldn’t feel them. My OB then suggested I get a little Pitocin so that it would move things along. I agreed and the nurse then tried to give me an I.V. I don’t have the best veins in the world so needless to say, it took about 3 times. Something happened with each I.V. poke that left giant bruises on my arms but eventually another nurse got it. After that, the Pitocin started and things really started to move along. I went from about 3 cm to 6 cm in an hour or so. This is when things get interesting.

The nurse checked me for how far along I was dilated and during her check she stopped suddenly and got this very concerned look on her face. She told the other nurse in the room to call the head nurse in to the room immediately. She then told me that something was either grabbing her finger or she had come into contact with my umbilical cord. She said to hope for a little hand grabbing her finger because if it was the umbilical cord I’d need an emergency c-section.

Lo and behold, little man grabbed her finger! It was not the umbilical cord. But having him hand first wasn’t the best thing in the world either. If he was still hand first when I was ready to push, I’d still need a c-section. So the nurse had me get into a bunch of different positions to try to turn him so that he’d suck his little hand back in. That’s a good visual isn’t it? You’re welcome. Getting on to my knees when I was entirely numb from the waist down because of an epidural was hilarious. I looked like a baby giraffe and it took a team of nurses to help flip me because my muscles were completely useless. Hilarious… and slightly humiliating. Brad got a pretty good laugh out of it. By this point I was shaking like a leaf due to nerves. I didn’t know what was going to happen. But about a half hour later, the nurse checked me again and luckily, little man pulled his hand back and was once again in the proper position! During this time, I was struggling a little bit because my epidural wasn’t working on my right side. I could still feel the contractions but only on that side. Eventually the anesthesiologist (oh my gosh I spelled that right on the first time! Please virtually high-five me!) came in and did something that helped numb my right side, but it made everything even more numb. I couldn’t even kind of move my toes or anything. But then it was time to push and a few pushes later, he was out! He was beautiful and wonderful and has been ever since.

Arlo is a ball of sunshine. He’s so stinkin’ happy all the time. He’s got a very “chill” personality and loves a good snuggle. Eliana absolutely adores him. She loves to help me feed him and change his diaper. Being his older sister has brought out another side to her. She’s so loving and caring. I love seeing her in the big sister role! She rocks at it!

So far, he doesn’t seem to have any allergies and we’re thankful for that. We had a scare where he developed a rash all over his body but it turns out that was due to an antibiotic he was on. So, fingers crossed that he never develops eczema.

Like with any baby, the first two months are rough. Now that he’s over four months old, things have gotten significantly easier. If you’re about to have your second baby, or even your first, just know that it gets easier with time!

Until the next post!


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