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How to stop being your biggest obstacle

I am probably the biggest hypocrite ever in writing this post. I am constantly and consistently my biggest obstacle. I have so many goals that I want to accomplish and I know who I want to be, but like I said above – I am constantly and consistently my biggest obstacle. I am my worst critic and my biggest doubter – it’s hard not to be! I shouldn’t be and you shouldn’t be for yourself either. Therefore, as I’m writing this post and sharing this advice, I am also giving myself this advice.

  • Figure out what compels you – what makes you want to pursue what you’re trying to pursue? Is it your kids? Is it your spouse? Or is it more of a personal thing?
    • One of my biggest goals is becoming fit and healthy. I’ve always quit any workout program I’ve ever started and I somehow always veer off of a healthy diet at the site of a chicken nugget. However, since having children, I’ve really become more passionate about my health and wellness. I want to be around as long as possible for them. I want to not feel so damn tired everyday so that I can play with them and run around with them. I also want to feel more confident around my husband. After having kids, things have gone a little… squishy? It’s put a damper on my confidence, and working out helps me with that. Having my children and my husband as my biggest motivations in getting healthy has been crucial to me sticking to my goal. I encourage you to find what motivates you!
  • Understand that you are in complete control of your attitude and reactions.
    • You’ve got big goals for yourself in mind, I’m sure! That’s wonderful! But it’s our attitude and reactions to negative situations that determine whether we stick to our goals or not. Every January 1st, millions of people set new “resolutions” for themselves – “I’m going to get fit!”, “I’m going to journal every day!”, “I’m going to pay off all my debt!”, etc. However, when the going gets tough, a lot of people quit. Instead, change your attitude. Watch a TED talk that inspires you to stick to your goal or modify your goal so that it’s more manageable. But stop giving up! You are in control of your choices. Remember that. The only person you can blame for your goal not coming to fruition is you.
  • Find out what triggers you need to stay away from. And then stay away from them. 
    • So, another big goal of mine and my husband’s is to stick to a pretty strict budget so that we can save as much money as possible while also paying down debt. Some aspects of social media (especially Instagram) make me pine for things that I don’t really need. We are constantly fed other’s highlight reels and seeing someone else’s “perfect life” can make you want to emulate them. “If only I had those jeans, my life would be so much better!” – WRONG! So wrong. Those pair of jeans aren’t going to change your life. Accomplishing a major goal will. So, I purposefully stay away from any social media pages that might trigger me to want to spend money. Other people who don’t share the same goals as you can also be a trigger. If your goal is to lose weight but you surround yourself with others who put you down for ordering the salmon instead of a cheeseburger, that can be a big trigger. You don’t have to exile them from your life, but maybe think of more positive situations in which you can spend time with them.
  • Be realistic about the goals that you’re setting for yourself. 
    • It’s easy to become frustrated when you’re trying to accomplish something, but it just doesn’t seem to be working out the way that you wanted it to. If you’re not paying down debt as fast as you want, maybe take another look at your budget and see if it’s truly realistic to your lifestyle. If you’ve been trying to stick to it for months, doing everything you can but you still can’t hit it, then it’s probably just not realistic. It doesn’t mean you should give up, but just revise a bit! No biggie. But also congratulate yourself along your path of accomplishment. Celebrate the little things, too.

I’m a firm believer that we only live once. (YOLO! … ) There’s no reason that we can’t accomplish the goals that we want to and live the life that we imagine for ourselves. It just takes a bit of work and having the right attitude. You can honestly accomplish anything you want to. I believe in you, my friend!


What are some goals you want to accomplish? I’d love to hear about them!

Until the next post!


2 thoughts on “How to stop being your biggest obstacle

  1. I agree. YOU are your biggest critic. I am for sure. I was always told I lacked self confidence and I denied it. However they were right. …and it is still true. However again, I am trying to expand myself into different groups of friends and trying get others to be more social. Lately, what makes me happy, is when others are having a good tone at my expense. Every time people come over to play games, I’m super happy when everyone’s laughing and having fun. That, honestly, is the biggest reason I bought a house. So other people can come over and have fun.

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